That old familiar tune done a variety of ways. Listen until you just can't take it anymore!

Alex Feingold's Midi Music Page Six versions available.

NMR Meets Musicians We have no idea how this rendition was created, but the word "spectrometer" is used frequently in the description (yipes!). It's explained on the site, but we still don't understand. We know we like it, though.

Happy Birthday Page Just one version, classic piano style.

Did you know?

You'll find several stories about the origin of the song. But two sisters (and school teachers) Mildred and Patty Hill, are mentioned in most versions as creating the original in the late 1800s. The song is copyrighted, meaning any public performances are subject to royalties (or at least permission). That's the main reason you'll hear other birthday-type songs being sung to unsuspecting patrons in restaurants by the staff.


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