Birthday Fact-Finding
Whether you want to find out if a famous (or infamous) person shares their (or your) birthday, or they were born the same day glue was invented, you'll find too much information at these places.

A birthstone supposedly brings good luck to the person born in its month. The stone also has an interesting characteristic. Take a look at the Birthstones by the Month chart to find out who gets the diamonds (which mean innocence).

Got culture?
Please check with the appropriate embassy if you're really serious about your gift-giving, but we've got some interesting tidbits on Global Birthdays.

Birth Flowers
Did you know that each month also has a special flower associated with it? Birth Month Flowers is a table that can help put fun and mystery in giving flowers as a birthday gift.


Birthday Fact-Finding

On This Day Ever wonder what happened on a particular day, such as historical events, birthdays, deaths, etc.? Well, On This Day can tell you! What does it cost? Nothing!

Anagram Genius Server Rearranging the letters of 'Madonna Louise Ciccone' gives 'Occasional nude income'?! Find out for FREE what is hidden within YOUR name (or your birthday celebrant's)!

Today-in-History Scope Systems has a great archive of historic births, deaths and events. You can see today's listings, or fill in your birth date and find out if anything happened more important than you (we doubt it).

Birthday Traditions from Around the World Geared more toward children's birthdays, but still interesting. (We're all kids at heart anyway, right?)

Birthstones by the Month

Month Stone Characteristic
January Garnet Constancy
February Amethyst Sincerity
March Aquamarine, Bloodstone Courage
April Diamond Innocence
May Emerald Love
June Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone Health
July Ruby Contentment
August Peridot, Sardinyx Married Happiness
September Sapphire Clear Thinking
October Opal, Tourmaline Hope
November Topaz Faithfulness
December Turquoise, Zircon Wealth

Global Birthdays

(Please, if you have special knowledge in these areas and see something incorrect, let Debby know. We'd appreciate it.)

  • In England, when you reach 80, 90 or 100 years of age, you receive a telegram from the Queen.
  • In Japan, usually only the birthdays of 60, 70, 79, 88, and 99 rate gifts. Also, gifts consisting of less than ten items in a set should be given in odd numbers (tea cups are sold in sets of five). Avoid the numbers 4 and 9 in general. White gift wrap is associated with death (so is four of something).
  • Germans take birthdays seriously, sometimes receiving a half-day of vacation. Flowers and wine are common gifts among friends.
  • In China, small birthday gifts are given by family and friends. Age 30 is considered becoming an adult (there's quite a celebration). For men, age 60 is usually combined with retirement (for those doing physical labor). Don't give clocks as gifts (the Mandarin word for clock is similar to one for death). Avoid wrapping the gift using white, black or blue colors.
  • The French and Italian celebrate Name Days more so than birthdays.
  • In India, black and white gift wrapping is considered unlucky.
  • In the Islamic world, green is a good color to use for wrapping.
  • In Korea, the two most important birthdays are the 100th day and the 60th year.

Birth Month Flowers

January Snowdrop, Carnation
February Primrose
March Violet
April Sweet Pea, Daisy
May Hawthorn, Lily of the Valley
June Rose
July Water Lily
August Poppy, Gladiolus
September Morning-Glory
October Calendula
November Chrysanthemum
December Holly, Narcissus, Pointsettia


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