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For us, there's no greater feeling than giving a gift that just "clicks" (and we're not talking about a pen). We truly hope you'll find one for your recipient here.

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Flax Art & Design The creative place to shop, whether it's festive beer glasses in 25 designs, a disposable watch or handmade silk/velveteen slippers.

Body & Soul

Bathrobes, the perfect gift idea. Over fifteen styles just for women (men and children have their own sections). Well done site, color variations and patterns shown onscreen.

StampTattoo It's the new temporary reusable Tattoo that is easy to use, easy to apply and easy to remove. You can be wearing a Tattoo in about 10 seconds, simply stamp it on at anytime, anywhere. Great site. Good looking. Nice tatoos. If you've always wanted one, but were a little scared of the commitment...this is perfect! Gift Certificates...simply the best way to give a spa day.

Collectibles / Memorabilia

Great Gift Ideas at A&E Television's Online Store. If your recipient is like my brother-in-law (he doesn't NEED the history channel, he IS the history channel), this store's for you. Wonderful VHS & DVDs on every series and topic imaginable as well as a genuine bomber jacket, model planes, and much more. - Collectibles & Gifts! We've never really been big on collectibles ("dust magnets"), but there are some nice birthday-themed ones here that even we woudn't mind receiving. There's a "Rats, I missed your birthday," with a cute rodent and a Pocket Dragon that's ready to party (and adorable).

Collectible Cash Produces unique original commemorative simulated currency. They actually look and feel better than real money because they are handled as uncirculated mint currency. Designs include balloons, beer and UFO bills.

San Francisco Music Box Company Precious Moments Birthstone Waterglobes, a Wish Box with Wish Chimes, and a Pooh Birthday Figurine are among the many, many items of interest found here.

Hollywood Mega Store Award trophy replicas, life-size cutouts, weird party hats, street signs, freeway signs. Or how about an Elvis or Ricky Martin novelty driver's license? Check out the adorable Hollywood film pen featuring a movie camera on top with rotating dials.

Flowers One of the largest online florists. We chose the "Birthday" category and over 700 different arrangements were suggested! Same day flower delivery in the U.S. if ordered by noon.

Foods Gift Boxes - A Blast From The Past! Candy sampler gift boxes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Your source for thousands of the world's most sought after cooking ingredients, recipes and ideas. Say you have a friend from Spain and you'd like to make a special dish. You need precious, fragrant saffron, vibrant Spanish olive oils, and roasted piquello peppers to complete your special dinner. Do what I'd do. Order the stuff, put a bow on it and give it to your pal...they'll know what to do with it! Listings by country, by dish, even recipes.

Fun & Games

USAOPOLY Specialized Monopoly games. How about Astronomy Monopoly, where you buy, sell and trade comets, planets, star clusters, and even galaxies? Other Monopoly versions available include Chicago, Las Vegas, golf, NHL, Star Trek and Scooby Doo! games and puzzles Games and puzzles. Fast-loading, easy-to-navigate site with a "jaw-dropping selection" (we're still sore).

Gift Baskets / Collections How about Champagne Wishes (sorry, not delivered by Robin)? Or, one of our favorites, the Portable Bench (a chair-bag with a cold compartment, separate dry section, and comfortable seat) filled with wine, cheese, crackers, and more.

Gift Solutions Birthday Gift Baskets Great birthday gift baskets, along with many, many other reasons for celebrations.

Book Bouquet "Novel-Gifts for All Occasions!" Gift baskets for men, women, kids and babies created with books and coordinating gifts.

Gotham Baskets Online shop based in Greenwich Village, New York City. They take great pride in finding the highest quality and unique gourmet treats and gifts from across the country. All the gift baskets and products are designed with care and made by hand.

Hot Right Now The number one destination for deep discounts on electric scooters, electric bikes, parts and accessories. Top brands like Z scooter, Currie, E-Bike and more. Free shipping is offered on every scooter and bike sold. One of the hottest items for this year. We were surprised at how (relatively) inexpensive some of these are.

Jewelry / Accessories

Precious Gems Birthstone Jewelry: Genuine gemstone jewelry specials for every month. Save 30% today!

TrendyJewelryBox You'll see the word "fun" used in copy several times throughout this site...that's truth in advertising. Cool rhineston- theme reading glasses, beautiful necklaces, stretch bracelets, pressed flower jewelry...most stuff under $20!


Best To You Christian GiftsGifts, books, cards, all with a Christian message at the heart...beautiful prayer box bracelet, a cross of nail necklace, "When In Doubt" candles and mug.

Unique / Unusual

WonderfullyWacky - unique gifts. Possibly the world's wackiest gift gallery. Would an inflatable deer head convince you?

Celebration Fantastics Occasions Store OK. There's some real interesting items at this place...singing shades (yes, they're sunglasses and yes, they play "Happy Birthday"), a dancing birthday cake (do I need to explain this one?), and a "Birthday Girl" tiara all will make the day so much more memorable! Giving stocks as gifts is a smart idea (well, most of the time). Purchase a custom framed share of stock in a favorite company. Disney, Microsoft, Harley, Coke, Apple, and the WWF are just some of the top gift giving favorites

Genuine Lava® Lamps is the largest retailer of these, and they're always on sale (prices start at $24.95). Plus, lots and lots of other unique stuff...Aqua Frames, 3D Holographic Image Lamps, and Litecube party ice, just to name three.

Thinking Putty Relax with Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. In huge adult-sized handfuls and unbelievable colors, you'll be hooked. Find out why thousands just can't put it down!

The Lighter Side Co. Another great FLEN (Fast Loading Easy to Navigate) site...not necessarily just gag gifts, although there are plenty of those available! They deliver fun! The "Unique Gifts" section sure is titled appropriately. How about a Mickey Mouse taoster than burns an image of the rat, er, mouse into your toast...or a mini player piano, a horoscope watch, or a yearbook filled with dailiy historic events...choose any year from 1940-2000.

Reading Glasses Handpainted CollectionHave a friend over 40? Here's the world's most extensive collection of reading glasses. Choose a handpainted design (from over a dozen different ones), something from the 1949 collection (3 retro-inspired shapes, circa Harry Truman), or the "It's a pen. No, it's reading glasses. No, it's both!" Great accessories, too.

Southwest Blades High quality swords, knives, axes, and other weaponry for display or demonstration. Absolutely breathtaking swords...and this coming from a woman! (Imagine what the guys would think of this stuff!)

Buy door knockers at! Or a gecko doorbell, windchimes, sundials, delightful golf bag mailbox. Check out the Gift Finder for suggestions.

Stacks and Stacks Would you expect to find a birthday gift (we mean for someone you like) at a place that uses words such as "storage organizers home office furniture" in their description? Neither would we. But there are some fun aprons, doormats and clocks in the Gifts section. Surprise!

Absolutely gorgeous, handturned wood, certificate of authenticity, very reasonably-priced.

Hamacas Hammocks are high quality, built to last. "Dangerously comfortable." Also fountains, clocks, windchimes, dream catchers, hand-carved and ceramic hand drums.

Wild Card (suitable for anyone)

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