We've found many humorous books on something we all have to do...get older (sure beats the alternative). We also found some chunks of trivia (sounds like another punch recipe, doesn't it?).

Books of Birthday Humor and Wisdom from Amazon.com

1,003 Great Things About Getting Older

Age Happens: The Best Quotes About Growing Older

Age is a Laughing Matter: How to Laugh Through the Second Half of Your Life

Happy Birthday...Blah, Blah, Blah

Don't Count the Candles: Just Keep the Fire Lit!

Falling Flesh Just Ahead: And Other Signs on the Road Toward Midlife

Getting Old Sucks! But It Sure Beats the Alternative

The Golden Years are a Crock

I'm Not over the Hill, I'm Simply Too Old to Climb It

Happy Birthday (You Poor Old Wreck) Messages of love, sympathy and pure fun for all the people over 21 by young children.

It's Time Again to Skip a Birthday When: Clues to Let You Know When Candles Have to Go

Best Birthday Wishes!

I'm Too Young to Be This Old! Surviving & Thriving in the Muddled Middle Years

Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death

Old Age Comes at a Bad Time: Wit and Wisdom for the Young at Heart

When I'm an Old Man, I'll Wear Mixed Plaids

When You Consider the Alternative: Enlightening and Amusing Words on Age and Aging

You're Only Old Once!


Turning THIRTY

Happy 30th Birthday: A Book of Wit and Wisdom


Happy 40th Birthday: A Book of Wit and Wisdom

How to Survive Your 40th Birthday

Forty-Ish: Lessons for the Ages from a Baby Boomer


Happy 50th Birthday: A Book of Wit and Wisdom

What Do You Mean I Am Fifty?

The Big Five-Oh! Fearing, Facing, and Fighting Fifty!

You Know You're Over 50 When...

What You Don't Know About Turning 50: A Funny Birthday Quiz

Dave Barry Turns 50

Forever Fifty and Other Negotiations

The Joy of Being 50 Plus

You're a Fabulous Fifty


Smiles for Seniors : Growing Old Is a Laughing Matter

The Treasury of Clean Seniors' Jokes

A Treasury of Senior Humor


Golden Birthday
Have you ever heard the term "Golden Birthday"? You reach this once-in-a-lifetime day when you turn in years the day of the month you were born. For example, if you were born on August 20th, the day you turn 20 is your "Golden Birthday."

Yeah, but are all workaholics born on Saturday?
Monday's child is fair of face;
Tuesday's child is full of grace;
Wednesday's child is full of woe;
Thursday's child has far to go;
Friday's child is loving and giving;
Saturday's child works hard for a living;
But the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is blithe and bonny, good and gay

Reach out and greet someone
While you have your recipient on a touch-tone phone:

1 1 4 * 9 *

1 1 4 1 # 0

1 1 # 0 * 7 4

# # 0 * 0 8

Are you popular?

August is the most popular month to be born in (like you had a choice).

WonderfullyWacky unique gifts. Possibly the world's wackiest gift gallery. Would an inflatable deer head convince you?

Anagram Genius Server Rearranging the letters of 'Madonna Louise Ciccone' gives 'Occasional nude income'?! Find out for FREE what is hidden within YOUR name (or your birthday celebrant's)!

On-This-Day Ever wonder what happened on a particular day, such as historical events, birthdays, deaths, etc.? Well, On This Day can tell you! What does it cost? Nothing!

Am I in Pi? You don't have to answer that. Make a quick (and silly) stop to find out just where your birthday occurs in that old familiar mathematical expression, pi.

Nobody Asked Me But... "You know you're getting old when..."

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